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Who advices Friend is!

I know all citizens and all citizens of Brazil and the world. All governments, multilateral organizations and non-governmental organizations. The all companies, national and multinational companies and their executives and shareholders advice. Also to all domestic and foreign investment funds, the following: Due to the coup that we are victims, we not recognize any acquisition of Brazilian public company or part of it as well as any kind of grant or partnership with any entity of spurious and illegitimate government, by any national or foreign companies and their counterparts . I consider very important similar warning, because each company acquired under the management of scammers will be resumed immediately without any compensation and even the return of amounts invested, so back to the command of our country. 

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Any financial transaction made by Brazilian public banks, especially with companies and entrepreneurs in the communications sector during this interregnum, will be considered worthless, imputing to those involved in such criminal transactions every possible penalties. Business made in these conditions do not merit such designation. Not business of purchase and sale or lease. It confiscation, theft, looting. And as such will be treated by us and our people, who are involved in negotiations of this magnitude with scammers can only be labeled as thieves, looters and receivers and is as such to be treated. Hence the importance that every government, every business, investment fund, think seriously and serenely in every penny applied during the permanence of this gang that took hold of our government. Only a government legitimized by universal suffrage has the authority to transact the heritage of his people, when such transactions are supported in their government program. I also argue that all ministries and departments, as well as directors of public companies, state and local government, destroyed by the scammers will be reconstructed and brought back their former leaders, a priori, to their posts and folders. I want to highlight, very properly, the Pre-Salt, which in our view, has aroused the envy and greed of many people, from many different genres, physical, legal and government: If any deeper repair needs to be done it is in order to allocate part of the gains that our discovery to the Armed Forces, which ultimately is responsible, the guardian of our sovereignty and does not seem reasonable that the same mount guard while our soil and seas are exploited by greedy. 

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Fair enough, then, that the FFAAs, do not be at the mercy of time governments. It is necessary to guarantee them not only a percentage of the exploitation of oil and gas, and other minerals, inalienable heritage of our people. These percentages should be sufficient for maintenance or get too close to it. I also very important that they have veto power when it is under discussion the transfer of control of any property of any nature, which jeopardize the sovereignty and national security to be defined. As has been widely reported by all media, my government is the victim of a scam whose perpetrators, it bears repeating, run sectors of the judiciary, legislature, media and a strong suspicion hovering over international private organizations, under the silent gaze their governments, interested in plunder of our patrimony. When carrying out deep reforms in the government program elected by universal suffrage, the President coup affront clearly the constitution, which does not provide in any of its pages such procedure. More seriously - as if there could be something more serious - gloats about the highest judicial court in the country and the Senate, as if signaling support veiled that the coup, or forcing a fait accompli, that Court and Senate feel intimidated and compelled to to seal the dispossession. Our government up voted by over fifty-four million votes, the victim was abject persecution by the scammers. Since our first day management, was an everyday war without truce and no quarter, led by print. Everything done to find a way to ensure governability, all possible concessions were made for a bit of peace. But none of that was enough to them, because what they wanted was actually our capitulation, even if the cost of an institutional coup, as now occurs. So do not dare to demand from us, commitment to governance scammer, do not ask in moderation for the sake of stability and legal certainty, so that the blow takes hold, it does not compactuamos. Our commitment is to our country and our people; We not compactuamos with scammers. Scammers do not idea the size of Oz nudged. 

                    And not nudged to short stick, but with sticks.
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